2019 Playoff Pool
$350 1st Place Winner...MIKE MARINUCCI!!
$250 2nd Place Winner... MARK ZOTTARELLI!!
$150 3nd Place Winner... DA EVIL TWIN!!
$200 Margin Pool Winner... SHAUN CULLEN!!
$100 Superbowl Sportsbox Q1 Winner... R&R!!
$150 Superbowl Sportsbox Q2 Winner... HOOFHEARTED!!
$200 Superbowl Sportsbox Q3 Winner... CODY GREATREX!!
$250 Superbowl Sportsbox Q4 Winner... BRAD BABIARZ!!

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  Week 4 Player Selections
(The easy to print version!! Updated as of 02/03/19 at 10:00am)
Week 4 Game Scores
(Updated as of 02/03/19 at 10:15pm)
Playoff Pool Standings
(Updated as of 02/03/19 at 10:15pm)
Margin Pool Standings
(Updated as of 02/03/19 at 10:15pm)
Superbowl Game Tiebreaker Point Totals
Q1 Superbowl Game Sportsbox Grid
Q2 Superbowl Game Sportsbox Grid
Q3 Superbowl Game Sportsbox Grid
Q4 Superbowl Game Sportsbox Grid
Everybody Into the Playoff Pool!!
Pool Rules!!