Pool Rules

The pool maintenance man is:
Joseph Albanese
150 Charlton Avenue East #2304
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3X3

My home phone number is (289) 780-4910. My cell number is (289) 489-3461. My e-mail address is jalbanese4@cogeco.ca or josephalbanese9@gmail.com.


1) Entry fees, prize money breakdown and payment deadlines. I will e-mail everybody at the end of August or the beginning of September to inform all of the applicable entry fee for the year & the prize money breakdown. The numbers will depend on how many people we have in the pool. All entry fees are required to be paid before the player will be entered into the pool.

2) Determining prize winners. All picks are to be submitted 'straight up'. There are no point spreads in this pool. When submitting your picks, please include a Monday night point total to be used as a weekly tiebreaker. All other pool prizes will be awarded based on total wins with no tiebreaker. If two or more players have the same number of total wins for a particular prize, the prize money will be combined and divided among the winners. For example, if Jim and Paul both have 100 wins and Tom has 99 wins, the first and second prize money will be split between Jim and Paul, and Tom will win third all by himself.

3) Deadlines for submitting your picks. All picks for the week must be submitted by 8:00pm on Thursday evening and 9:00pm on Saturday. If you fail to submit a pick, there will be no pick entered for those games and you will be awarded a loss for those games.

4) You may submit your picks in any of the following ways.
a) The Internet Piksheet or the Mobile Piksheet. These are the preferred methods which make my life easy. When a pool member uses either of these methods an e-mail is sent to me containing their picks. With one click of the mouse, their picks are then automatically entered into the pool software, in other words, less work for me and most importantly, less mistakes for the pool.

The next 3 methods of submission are only to be used in case of an EMERGENCY and are NOT to be used with any regularity!

b) Voice Mail at (289) 780-4910. When calling in your picks, please use the following format ...all home teams except, then list your away selections. When listing your away teams PLEASE remember to speak slowly. Pause in between each pick. I can only write so fast and I often have to replay a message 2 to 3 times before I get everything. Don't forget to leave a Monday night point total.
c) E-mail. My e-mail address is jalbanese4@cogeco.ca or josephalbanese9@gmail.com.
d) Paper. The old fashioned way. Hand me your pick sheet. If you can find me, I'd be happy to accept it.

By the way, I have always been required to submit my picks to Martin Addario at least 24 hours before the regular pool deadlines and unlike everybody else, I am unable to change my picks after I submit them!

5) In case of a dispute. I will keep a record of your picks until 9:00pm on Monday night. You will have until that time to question your posted results from the previous week. In case of a dispute, I will simply examine your saved picks and resolve the issue that way. It is the responsibility of the pool member to check their own posted results each week for accuracy. The computer has reduced the number of mistakes throughout the year, but it does happen rarely so be sure to check your posted results each week.

6) If you don't submit your pick(s) on time. For any pick which you don't submit on time, you will not be assigned a selection for that game. However, you can only win the weekly prize money by submitting 100% of your picks. If you fail to make the deadline for even one game, you may actually get the most picks right for the week, but you can't win the prize money.

7) If you submit your picks but you don't submit a Monday Night Tiebreaker point total. You can win the week if you aren't tied with anybody else for the outright win. However, if you are tied with somebody else and that person has submitted a tiebreaker point total, the person that submitted their tiebreaker point total wins.

8) The Survivor Pool. Each week you select a team that you think is going to win, however, you can only select that team once throughout the duration of the pool (well, you could but if you do then you will be assigned a loss!). After 2 losses, you are eliminated from the Survivor Pool. If you fail to submit a pick in any given week, it is recorded as a loss! Ties are not recorded as a loss.The survivor wins the pool. If, in the unlikely event the Survivor Pool pool runs for the duration of the entire NFL season, the player(s) with the least number of losses will be the winner(s) of the Survivor Pool.

9)The Margin Pool. The Margin Pool is similar to the Survivor Pool in many ways. With the Margin Pool, you also pick one team each week. Once you pick a team, you cannot pick that team again (well, you could but if you do then you will be assigned the biggest losing margin of the week!). If your team wins, the winning margin is added to your season point total. If your team loses, then the losing margin is subtracted from your season point total.

10)The Low Player Out Pool. New for this year... it replaces our world famous Dog-Bone prize. In short, each week the 3 players with the worst record for the week will be eliminated. At the end of the Season, there will be several players remaining. Of those remaining players, the person with the Lowest Monday Night Tiebreaker Average will be the winner. This stat can be found on the Season Standings Page.

11) Finally. The most important rule is ..... have fun!